Finding the Right Senior Living Option Near Seattle

One of the most difficult and intimidating parts of the process of finding a senior living option that fits your loved one’s needs is simply where to even start.  There are several factors to consider that will make the process a bit easier.

  • If your family member needs assistance with meals, basic housekeeping, transportation and activities, independent living might be the right option.
  • If they need help with medications, bathing, dressing, toileting, assisted living communities are better suited to providing those services.
  • If they have dementia which has progressed to the point that they are a threat to themselves due to wandering, a secured memory care community may be a good option to consider.

Bear in mind your loved one’s individual preferences when looking into the variety of living options available.

  • How do the communities you are considering look and feel?
  • Do you think that your loved one will enjoy a newer building, or will they prefer a more established community?
  • Will they prefer a studio, one bedroom or, two-bedroom apartment?
  • Would they be more comfortable in a more intimate community with a lower number of residents, or would they enjoy a larger number of residents?
  • Perhaps an adult family home with 6 total residents may be a good fit if your loved one prefers a smaller social group
  • Does your loved one like to attend or be a part of social events?
  • What hobbies, events, or shopping would they like to be a part of?

Determining how they will enjoy everyday activities and social engagements will go a long way towards a successful move.  Many assisted living communities offer a wide variety of activities. Activities remain optional for your loved one to participate in, thus accommodating seniors who find themselves preferring a quieter lifestyle.

Finances also factor into the decision to move into a community or adult family home.  Based on what’s included in the rent, what will be affordable with your income and your loved one’s assets?  If your loved one outlives their assets will they be allowed to remain in the community that they have moved into?  Will they qualify for VA or Medicaid and what is necessary to apply?

Based on the factors above, how far from the “ideal location” would I or my loved ones be willing to consider potential communities?  This can be the most critical element in choosing an option. A living community’s location can provide comfort and confidence to a loved one simply based on its geographical locale being in proximity to other family members and friends, thus providing ease of visits.

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